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Facebook page design tips

1. Respect your cover photo
“…100% of viewers looked at it. On average, they saw it in 0.5 seconds or less. Meanwhile, only 65% to 92% of viewers noticed profile photos on Brand Pages”

2. Pin important content to the top
When viewing a Facebook page, most of people’s attention and time goes to the top of your page page. Check out Mashable’s article heatmaps to see this in action.

3. Good content = better reward
More your followers interact with your posts (share, comment, like), more posts from you they will see in their news feed. Check our article about Facebook embeddable posts for more information.

4. Use milestones to tell your story
It is good to let your fans know your story…development milestones, crowdfunding milestones or film/product launch plan. Make your milestone pictures 810px wide.

5. Use apps to promote your business’ other channels
Apps are awesome – with Filmsourcing app, you can add any filmmaking resource from our service to your Facebook page. In addition to our app, there’s a great number of great apps for providing extra information about your movie/business, you can promote events, reward your fans, collect customer feedback…
PS. You can use our PSD template to design the most eye-catching app tab.

6. Consider opening your timeline for comments
This will bring more conversation around your brand. If you keep your timeline open, you also need to have the resources to have that conversation. Here’s possibly the worst case scenario, what comes to Facebook page communication.

Page or Group

Facebook Page is great for external social media purposes and a Facebook Group for internal photo sharing and other informal communication.

Facebook Group cons and pros

Although Facebook has recently improved a lot of Facebook Group functionalities there are still some minuses.

  • Managing spam is very hard
  • You can’t set up third party tools to automatically post to your GROUP
  • GROUP postings are not placed in the users feed, thus most do not get seen
  • GROUPS are not visible to unregistered people
  • In a GROUP you can’t tell what are official postings (they always come from a person)
  • You can’t add plug-ins or apps on a GROUP (things like calendars, etc)
  • You can’t promote a GROUP with Facebook Ads
  • There is a limit of the number of users you can have in a GROUP
  • You can’t use the check-in feature
  • Groups header image doesn’t have the same marketing value

  • You can create quizzes in Groups – feature has been removed from Pages
  • Groups are more “democratic”, which also means they are usually more active (can be a con)

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