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Digital Strategy – Low Cost, High Impact

Here’s the good news: With digital marketing, especially in social media, the good and clever will trump the expensive. What you need is a constant stream of good ideas, turned into quality content and released at the right times through the right channels. That’s where we come in.

We know you need to focus on running your business and doing it well. Let us focus on the ideas, communication and the way you look. Compared to traditional ad agencies, our services are very affordable and arguably more effective. We don’t advice you to buy expensive exposure. Instead, we’ll get creative to bring you more followers, more brand interaction and ultimately, more business.

Into DIY? We’re also happy to teach you to manage your own digital presence and communication.

The Importance of Being Good

Here’s the catch: In social media, the good ones will thrive. It really helps if you are…

  • socially conscious
  • environmental
  • innovative
  • transparent
  • making the world a better place
  • about art, music, film…
  • or just good fun :)

If that sounds like you, please get in touch! We love to promote the good ones! Lumi digital marketing services.

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